Thursday, September 6, 2012

Garnier 10 in 1 bb cream review!

Hello!! :D

So today i am gonna share with you all my new haul and the so popular garneir 10 in 1 bb cream
in this post here!!

i really wanted to try this product because i had seen so many advertisment about it online and fantastic reviews about it making me super tempted to buy one and try it >.<

hopefully it works well for me....

Tada!~~ Happy!! finally managed to get it :D after wanting it for some time T~T

so here are some links for the this product review!!
that i found online :D
hope these are some how useful for you >.<
previously, i still have my reservations on buying this as i am more biased towards korean cosmestic products as compared to others..
but i was really tempted by the awesome reviews and ads!! >.<
so here is my personal review!!
ratings: 4/5
overall, i really love this product of garnier as i previously bought its mask and toner and i dont really like them, but this product is Awesome!! <3333
Not too heavy when applied on face, it is so light and so natural!! :D
i will buy this again if i use finish all my bb cream lols..
When applied it, it really brighten up my skin naturally :D
and it is made of natural lemon essence too!!

it has got 10 effects in it :D
1. More radiant
2. More even toned
3. With less dark spots
4. reduces redness
5. smoother
6. more hydrated
7. less visible lines
8. with less visble imperfections
9. reveals its healthy glow
10. with less visible pores
that is all and i am already drafting my next post already i am so so efficent right???


  1. I bought this too! It is great, but I still perfer the Asian brands!

    1. To nana: Wah! Have a great time using this bb cream like me too then!! (*^◯^*) and After using this I am
      Fine with both western and Asia bb creams!! (⌒▽⌒)

  2. I still prefer asian bb creams~ But this doesn't look too bad!

    1. To junjun: heheh yea!! This bb cream works really good !! Love it (^з^)-☆ in fact you should try this too if possible . (^O^☆♪

  3. Nice review, it seems to be a hit and miss product with different people.
    Unfortunately, it broke me out and I didn't like it. >.<

    Asian bb creams ftw!

    1. To sheri: :( how unfortunately >.< !! Yes it is a great hit in mu country too :p and yes! I am loving bb cream like you too XD