Saturday, September 1, 2012

necklace craze!

Hello! i am feeling free now :p
doing things i like :D with pleasure blogging daily too!

i like to go out because i can doll up myself well :D and have the time too !

and then can blog about it.. Today i went to some place (secret) but did not do any shopping ;o

meanwhile i thought of working part time now! :o

so here a necklace that i just bought yesterday :D and i bought another one in the previous post i wore it!

i liked it alot! :D

always wanted one long ago but i felt that it was not worth the price until yesterday while shopping i spotted a shop selling these at a bargain! >.<

then i decided to buy them!!

gonna buy more if can ! >.< greedy me!

recently i become more interested in korean cosmestics too already after buying some really nice and workable products on me ! <3333

so is my favourite item so far!!
not sure the brand though i bought this at some korean beauty shop :D

this tear liner really works amazing for me!!
so natural yet nice!!
want a review ?? comment please :p
love it!!<33333
and i got a tony moly lip balm too which quite shimmery pink and very natural looking when applied!
and the best is it smells great!!!!!!!!
both products are affordable yet great!! since i bought them during a sales hehhehehe
so here is a pic of my lip balm!!
the packaging is so small and cute!!

that is all byebye!!
love you all! :D

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  1. Oh my Gosh, I love your necklace!
    You rock it girl! :)