Sunday, September 9, 2012

Losing the inches instead of the weight! X Snail slime miracle!

Hi all!!

Today i am gonna share with you all some really interesting diet tricks which you may have heard of or seen before about it.

This is learnt through my mum and big sis and partly myself a bit hehhehee...

At first i thought when one person loses weight and inches together at the same time!
but through personal experience i learnt that one is able to lose inches and look better, i.e more body shapes curver!

Is through one easy method without dieting like crazy, exercising, popping pills!
is just by wearind on some stuff! So that is one stuff is this!!


amazing right???
  currently it is very popular in japan right now! and it is selling at an affordable price too!

i just order one online already last week waiting for its arrival!

My mum and sis have been wearing such products and they seen visible results !! But you must wear it faithfully beneath your clothings most of the time for the first month! And you will be able to see results quite fast!! :D Moreover, previously i have tried on some slimming sock too and they work out pretty good for me too! hhahahah so i believe in this method too!

So i wanna try this too will do a review just sharing with you all this amazing product first! hehehehe
will do a review on it if you guys comment below and request for one!

So if you are trying to look curver like i do want for myself in the upcoming future do give this product a try too!!! hehhehe

So next, i am gonna share with you all a method of mine to cure your ugly acne scars and treat your troubled skin at the same time

By using a new product ! which you prorbably have heard or seen before?

But the name is gross! >.<

It is snail slime products which are  currently very popular in japan and korea right now!

actually i have been using snail slime products since a few months back ago already and they works well for me!! :D

because i have read some benefits of snail skin products benefits online before

at first when i heard the name i was really gross out but after using it a few times i am totally fine with it now!! :p
But i am still afraid to use snail cream, cleanser or other products yet but mask is just fine for me as of now!

And one of my fav products now is Skin clinic Ac dressing mask which is also made up of snail slime!
This is quite a popular masks as it is sometime sold out in the town area of my country >.< and they are slight more costly than the other masks of the same brand too.

i think i did a review of this before in my previous blog post before you can refer back :D

next, is another my fav facial mask too i also have been using this quite a few times too feels nice on skin and there is no bad smell too
they are having sales for these masks at my country's watsons store now too! heheheh XD
so here is a pic of it!

So if you have trouble skin conditions like me previously or wanna cure your pimples or blemishes
try snail slime facial masks!! :D

so that is all for today!! till the next time see ya!! :D byebye!

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  1. Thanks for the info :)
    I've always wondered on whether or not these things work ^_^